Diabetic Foot Care in Westborough, Massachusetts

Woman holding her legs — Diabetic feet in Westborough, MA

Diabetic Foot Care

Westborough Podiatry will ensure that your feet stay healthy when you have diabetes. Regular leg and foot self-examinations are recommended, as well as yearly checkups. It is important for our podiatrists to keep you informed about foot care as it relates to cuts and wounds, ingrown toenails, or circulatory issues that have lasted more than a few days.

Don't treat your own feet without consulting our office! Many patients with diabetes also have neuropathy, or a loss of feeling in their feet. This may lead to injury when performing tasks as simple as cutting one's own nails. A small accidental cut in the toe or foot of a diabetic can go unnoticed and become infected very quickly.

It is important to protect your feet and take preventative measures. We trim nails and ensure the skin is intact. In addition, we also provide foot examinations that address bunions and curled toes.
Podiatrist doing a foot procedure — Diabetic foot care in Westborough, MA
For the best health for your feet, Westborough Podiatry recommends Dr. Comfort therapeutic shoes. Ask our staff to learn more!