Foot Care Guidelines

Healthy feet — Foot care in Westborough, MA
It is important that you don't ignore any foot pain, discomfort, tingling, infection, or wounds that aren't healing. This may also include thickening nails, ingrown toenails, or any other abnormalities with your feet. With prevention and early detection or treatment, you have a better chance of avoiding major foot problems.

Westborough Podiatry recommends that you check your feet regularly to look for changes in your skin or toenails. Check for changes in your toenails, such as lifting or discoloration, as it could be fungus-related. We also recommend that you wash your feet regularly, including in-between toes, and thoroughly dry them.

Change your shoes and socks regularly to help prevent athletes' foot, fungus, and infections. You should avoid walking barefoot as well. Our experienced foot doctors can teach you proper techniques for the best health of your feet, including how to properly care for your wounds, proper techniques when cutting toenails, prevention of ingrown toenails and athlete's foot, wound care, and more.
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